Yes, we did paint!


Prior to the official opening of Uno Port INN in March, 2016, all of newly gathered staff members  worked hard to help renovating this place – from painting the wall to installing new appliances in the empty kitchen. We built this old-new place on our own.

Though Uno is a local and small town, we all are excited to meet our guests from all around the globe.



January 2016


Nothing was here…



















Commuting from Kojima, but she is a Tamano native. Her laughter has brighten up everybody.
After having lived and worked in Australia for two years, a Kurashiki native Mikko landed at Uno Port Inn this spring. A great information provider for the Okayama/Kurashiki area as well as for the islands. She is a baker and leads UPINN bakery section.
Her natural optimism always cheers the team up. She is a good international communicator as she has grown up in Osaka and was an English major while in college.
Originally from Miyazaki, she lived in Tokyo for many years and a couple of years in the United States. She loves working to make international travelers happy. Yummy UPINN gluten-free muffins are made of her original recipe.
A painter and fine artist who creates colorful works. She has moved in Tamano from Hyogo prefecture.
An Okayama native who likes to travel and has years of experience in the service industry. Loves coffee.
An experienced tour conductor who used to travel overseas. Kyoto is her home town.
He provides admin services and advises on local matters.
A collage freshman! Major in English literature and loves an international experience at working here.