How to get to Uno/Naoshima

From Tokyo, Kyoto, or Hiroshima to Uno


JR Train – To find out the travel time to Uno, where to transfer, how often trains leave, etc. all you need to know is what JR station to start your trip. Just type in the JR station name you plan to get on the train and “Uno” in the destination column, select desired date and time (departure or arrival) This  JR TRAIN CONNECTION/TIMETABLE search site will give you the exact answer that you are looking for. It’s super accurate, too.


Tip: Those who carry JR PASS should click off NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN) option the search perameter when using


Air – If you fly in to the Okayama airport, you can take a shuttle bus (timetable) or taxi to get to the Okayama Station.


Highway Express Bus – Those of you who do not have JR Pass and are intersted in taking express busses, you can find one-way ticket at somewhere from 4000 yen to 9000 yen (from Tokyo – Okayama). There are several bus companies, also mid-night buses. here is google search.


From Okayama Station to Uno Station


1. By JR Train (580 yen/ 42 – 54min/ departs every an hour or less. Timetable)


JR Okayama Station

JR Okayama Station


A direct Uno Line to the Uno Station runs about once an hour from 5:49 AM until 11:24 PM (except from 8 AM – 2 PM). Even if you missed a direct Uno Line, you can take Seto-Ohashi line (incl. Marine Liner, the express), which runs about every 20 min, to the Chayamachi Station, then easy-transfer (just across the platform) to the Uno line to the last stop, Uno Station. Many of you may already have JR Passes, so why not?


2. By Ryobi Express Bus (640 yen/ 50 – 60 min~/ departs every 20 min to 30 min Timetable)


The bus terminal is located at the East Exit of the Okayama Station. Look for Gate #3 where the Uno-bound Express buses (it’s in Rainbow color) come in.
Make sure to ask the driver “Express to Uno?” before riding. Also ask the driver to let you know when the bus arrives at Uno Station. JR PASS is not valid.


Bus Terminal at Okayama Station

Bus Terminal at Okayama Station


Tip: Take a paper ticket at the steps when you get on the bus, pay exact change when you get off. Don’t worry even if you don’t have small change. A coin changing machine next to the driver works at all times during the ride.


3. By Taxi (about 7,000~10,000 yen/ 30 – 40 min ~ /departs anytime at your request)












When you arrive at Uno Station…





If you want to go straight to Naoshima Island, walk for 1 minute you’ll easily find us. Dropping your luggage off and crossing the street, you’ll arrive the ferry terminal for Naoshima Island (departs 13 times a day Timetable here) and Teshima Island (depart 8 times a day Timetable) with hands-free.