Teshima/Inujima – for your logistics


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Teshima/ Inujima museums open hours


The following 3 places are closed on Tuesdays

Teshima Art Museum by Ryue Nishizawa and artist Rei Naito
— articles/pics

Boltanski’s heartbeat archive
— review/interview 

Teshima Yokoo House by Tadanori Yokoo — New Addition in 2013


The following art works may open only weekends and national holidays

Il Vento (restaurant as well) Tobias Rehberger

Shima Kitchen by Ryo Abe

Your First Colour by Pipilotti Rist

Storm House by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Tom Na H-iu by Mariko Mori

Teshima 8 Million Lab by Sputniko! Added in 2016

Needle factory by Shinro Ohtake Added in 2016

TESHIMA SEAWALL HOUSE by Anri Sala Added in 2016



Inujima Seirensho Art Museum

Inujima Art House Project

Seaside Inujima Gallery by Keisuke Takahashi


Ferry/boat time tables

Uno – Naoshima
Uno – Teshima
Naoshima – Teshima – Inujima