Timetables – JR train/Ferry




Ways to Uno from Okayama station or Takamatsu port/station


From/to Okayama station to/from Uno station – JR train timetable

Alternatively Express Bus (not JR) from/to Okayama station to/from Uno Station


From/to Takamatsu port to/from Uno port – Ferry timetable


Ways to/from/between the Art Islands


From/to Uno port to/from NAOSHIMA – Ferry/Passenger boat timetable


From/to Uno port to/from TESHIMA to/from SHODOSHIMA – Ferry/Passenger boat timetable


From/to NAOSHIMA via TESHIMA to/from INUJIMA – Passenger boat timetable


Teshima Suttle Bus Timetables