The Mobile House



When Uno Port INN’s plan came into reality in 2015, the first thing that was so clear was that the new accomodation must offer a good bold coffee to the guests and wanted to do it in style.



Moving their own-built mobile house

A Tamano native middle-age architect, Mr. Takahara, who have lived in Kyoto and Fukuoka for years while teaching and working as an architect, came back to his native town of Hachihama, a nearby town of Uno, in 2010.


His avant-gard, anarchistic, anti-materialistic ideas of “how to live life independently” inspired the town’s culturally-awakened people. His life goal is living on a fishing boat that can be moving whenever he wants until he die. He always wants to move. He doesn’t want to be stuck. He doesn’t want his architecture to be stuck. He is very Japanese. He hates waste.


He built his own house mostly with waste woods all by himself (with a help of his wife) but not being stuck with the ground. It’s got wheels and mobile.


Uno Port INN loved his attitude and architectural style and asked him to draw the one-and-only mobile house for Uno Port INN.


The design he came up with for the UPINN’s future espresso stand was like a Japanese traditional shrine, assembled by Hinoki wood pieces themselves, not by visible nails.



Mr. Fujiwara Hideto, Fam-Greed

Asked few contractors later, Mr. Fujiwara of Fam-Greed came along and joined the project, “OK, ok, I’ll just do it whatever the money is because it sounds like an inspirational project.”


Uno Port INN is hoping to build more of the Takahara mobile house in different sizes. And move them in and around Uno Port.

Want to have one for yourself? Contact Will have them make one for you.